Review the list of offerings below and inquire or contact me here at your convenience! I’ll get back to you ASAP. Keep in mind, the closer we get to your dates, the more limited availability is. I look forward to connecting! Thank you!

 Tailored doula support for your hospital, birthing center, or home birth. Malissa will support your birth by offering prenatal education through her sessions as well as the Cary House classes, 24 hour text and phone support, during, and after your labor, working with birth partners, nurses and family, comfort measures, anticipating transitions, positioning techniques, help with anticipating when it may be time to head to your care provider, reminding you of your options, and offering support when choosing when or if to use them.

Your doula support includes four weeks of 24-hour on-call support around your due date, two private prenatal sessions, a group childbirth education class, unlimited access to the Cary House classes, labor, delivery, unlimited access to text and phone support throughout your pregnancy, and one postpartum visit shortly after delivery.

Extras include portal access to all materials, bonus resources, and access to a wide range of referral partners in WNY and beyond.

In-Person Doula Support: $1,200 USD

Virtual Doula Support: $980.00 USD

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Placenta encapsulation has been associated with increased milk supply, improved mood, diminished risk of postpartum depression, and increase in energy. 

Services include pick-up and transport of the placenta, safe and sanitary processing, capsules, umbilical cord keepsake, usage suggestions, and delivery of your capsules 3-4 days after pick-up.

For more information, articles, and research please contact Malissa and she will send it your way!


Placenta encapsulation: $ 300.00 USD


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Support your family with continuity of care. Have someone you know and trust look after your child as you take care of your needs. Malissa may help with feedings, comfort for your newborn, emotional, physical support for new parents and other children in the family. Generally, these services are reserved for doula clients in the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Pre-book in the 3-hour time slots at the signing of your contract or after your baby has arrived.

Services are $20 p/h or $60 for thre three hour time slots.

Once the baby is here, Malissa will send out her scheduler for you to find times to fit your needs!

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A note to the parents: Hours are limited to availability and the needs of the family. As a labor doula, I will do my best to provide notice in the event of birth.

Get one on one guidance in the comfort of Malissa’s private yoga space or your home,  A practice tailored to fit your needs, Text and email support for your growing practice, and supportive space to learn and refine your technique. Complimentary extras include a personalized, password-protected portal, various resources, learning tools, on-demand video and audio recordings of our sessions.

In Person : $90.00 USD individual session $243.00 USD 3 individual sessions

Virtual : $70 USD individual sessions $189.00 Pack of 3 sessions

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