Meet the
doula team

Rebecca Mercurio, LMT, Labor Doula (she/her) Pauline Goulah, Labor Doula (she/her)

Rebecca and Pauline each have long-standing respective businesses doing very different things but an aligned vision has brought them together through doula work. Simply put, a doula is educational, informational and (non-clinical) physical support through pregnancy, labor and birth; the demand for which is growing rapidly in our community and across the country. The United States currently has the worst birth outcomes in the industrialzed world, many of which are preventable. There is an overwhelmingly unmet need for this type of support and we are working to create a model of care that addresses this directly while increasing accessibility for local families. We support and empower women and their families through this transformative period in human history where women and men become mothers and fathers. We have been looking for over two years for a space to combine our existing businesses as well as our mutual doula business, so we can streamline our efforts and provide support to more families through Western New York.

Day to day, the space will be treated as a professional coop space for our individual businesses. But the bigger destination we are creating is a fully integrated non-medical center for perinatal wellness. The vision is inclusive of several modalities and offerings of support, including childbirth education, manual therapies (specializing in prenatal and postnatal work, fertility massage and induction massage to stimulate labor), chiropractic care and pelvic floor therapy, birth and postpartum doula services, support groups, trauma therapy, and breastfeeding support.

460 Franklin, with all of its beauty and history, is the refuge we’ve been looking for to create a home and community for pregnant families to come to to dismantle the fear around birth and rebuild it as something beautiful. This refuge extends to our children as well. We both feel strongly about building a legacy for them, having something to leave to them that is itself a piece of the rich history of our city and a reminder of our heart driven work and community vision.

Brea Friedersdorf, LMT, Labor and Post Partum Doula (she/her)

Iam a trained birth & postpartum doula offering evidence-based doula services & massage therapy in Western New York. As a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly 10 years, I have been inspired and intrigued by the power of the human body. That interest grew exponentially after the birth of my first son.

My first birth experience was not what I expected & left me wondering if I could have done more to ensure that my voice was heard. Throughout my first year postpartum, I spent hours researching birth. Those who seemed to have a more positive experience had one thing in common: the support of a doula.

I have since birthed my second son! I had an amazing and empowering VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) with the support of a Doula. Having her made all the difference, and really validated the choices I have made on this career path.

I am proud to support all families regardless of race, faith, sexuality, gender identity, marital status, age, immigration status, or family configuration in & around the Buffalo area. Let’s work toward the positive birth & postpartum transition you deserve.