There’s an old Ayurvedic idea which says life is always in flux. Because we are part of the whole, this means our lives change, too. There are different chapters, different seasons.

So when we are feeling off, there are things we can do to bring ourselves back to center. These supportive elements are within our reach; how we breathe, how we move, how we respond to what’s coming up for us.

This is not about “fixing” anything. It’s about clearing out what does not support you. It’s about using what’s close at hand and inside of you for support. It’s about finding softness even – especially – when challenge arises.

It’s in this spirit that I currently offer doula services, private Ashtanga yoga lessons, and support people developing a meditation practice.

Whether you’re becoming a mama, moving your body, or learning to sit in stillness as your mind does what minds do, the stress of the experience can be a good thing, as you practice how to “be with” what’s happening in an intelligent and connected way.

I believe every beginning should be approached with reverence and care. Should you wish to have me accompany you, here are the ways I currently support people:

Doula Support (On sabbatical for 2024. Currently not accepting clients.)

A doula offers calming attention to the emotional and physical needs of the birthing person, support and guidance to your birth team, and a steady voice in moments where there is uncertainty or a cause for attention and advocacy. I also offer placenta encapsulation to clients and non clients. If you’re considering me as your doula or looking to encapsulate your placenta, email me and I will get back to you.

Private Yoga Lessons (On sabbatical for 2024. Currently not accepting clients.)

I’ve been guiding people in their practice of yoga since 2006. After founding and directing Ashtanga Yoga Buffalo from 2014 to 2021, I now teach private lessons in my yoga space. Classes are available in person or online. If you’re interested in studying yoga together, please email me and I will get back to you.

Meditation Course (On sabbatical for 2024. Currently not accepting clients.)

I teach a six-week meditation course as a supportive tool for your mental health work. In this private work, you’ll come to my yoga space to study five different meditation techniques. Each week, you’ll go home and practice that week’s technique, and then bring your questions and experience to your next session and we’ll talk and meditate together. At your final session, you’ll select one meditation technique and we’ll create a structure for how to continue it on your own. If you’re interested, please email to see if it’s a fit.